I would say the title says it all.(It’s never too late.)

Reading this blog I would have to say it pulls anyone,any age going through a rough patch in there life. Addiction. Addiction for anyone anywere is obviously a hard time or moment in ones life. I think the artist did a good job enphasizing on the fact that its never too late. The time is now. Or now. Ok, Now.

Anyone that has ever been amuzed or entertained by a drug or drink for a while knows how hard it is to walk away. Quitting anything takes numerus trys and fails.

How ever I appreciate the blog for its understanding about a certain situation. Addiction. How its never too late. That failing over and over only means you have giving the effort to quit.

Ever tried.Ever Failed. Fail harder, Fail better, Fail.(Samual Becket)



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I love this life and all that surrounds me.
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