clander”stuff white people like”#17 (Hating their parents)

Clander blogs to say white people hate there parents either because there to strict or to layed back either way in the end being a white parent you will be hated. Hmm I dont know how to take that being a person of color, and this blog coming from a white person maybe they think they got it figured out.

I personally dont think color has anything to do with your children hating you. I believe either your to strict and your child wilds out or your to layed back and your child becomes more of a friend then your child. Either way if you do have children of your own it is your job to raise them as best as you can. The main purpose is to get your children ready for the real world for this wonderful world we all live in. Teaching them values and morals that will stick with them no matter where they are or who there with. I guess the most important thing to teach your child is to love there self and not worrie to much if there going to hate you.


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