addicted to love(intro)

Love,what a feeling what a strong emotion we all crave yet when shown love or giving the feeling we afton run a hide from it block it afraid to catch it as if it is a virus of some sort. In a way i guess thats what love really is,its a sicness a condition a cold,better yet an addiction. I know for me I neved planned on the so callec (falling in love)and who ever made up that saying couldnt have chose a better phase. Falling in love cause once you have falling its hard to get up,and like any addition once your hooked you crave it,you withdraw though it like a drug leaving your body you are lost with out. It cant just be a word,a feeling let alone an emotion it is a sickness through out your soul that takes over you,and who ever you chose to love”be addicted to”you feel you could never see your life with out them. Haha im in love deep in to it so bad at times it hurts. So bad i cant breath at times my body cant move. Why would i ever subject my self to such a need.Ahave to have emotion. What is love really.


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I love this life and all that surrounds me.
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One Response to addicted to love(intro)

  1. The Best Ever-est says:

    People that are addicted too LOVE, crave it cause they have never loved themselves. Therefore they need some one to love them. They couldn’t imagine being alone for long cause they would feel worthless. This is a bad position too be in. People need to find the love in themselves if not they fall for anyone’s love even the LOVE of a truly worthless person. Once u feed ur addiction ur so sure its true that u allow that LOVE to drag u down so blind u don’t see it, or maybe you do but can’t admit it. Scared of its true failure. Repeat after me, ” I’m addicted to loveing MYSELF, I CHOOSE too love u. Therefore I’ll never Fail boo!”

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