It is day 8

Will I survive this mental addiction,it’s been eight days eight days.

The only thing that is strong Is the mental thought,theheadache I could not focus at all today at all. Lord give me the strength I lack and the courage I had to get through this. I’m a survivor I don’t care what what my mind is wanting I have to take care of my self mentally and physically. Temptation I got out of my place of residence for a while my what I’d call(easy access) some place I could be that anything is just a phone call a way , aWalkdown the road. I gotta get rid of this mind set its taking over my every thought. My really good friend keeps telling me know matter fucking what we don’t have to use to day were better then that. 3percent of h addicts actually walk away from it completely the others they die they become that dead junkie the ambulance don’t try as hard as they could to bring most of them back. True story: theother day I wasn’t feeling it and my friend said to me I’m behind you a hundred percent but just look at the big picture. Your getting ready to catch the train you go and do your little hit go back to your seat feeling painless your eyes close,your breathing slowes,your heart stops. Your family’s there to get you from Amtrak but instead there forced to identify your lifeless over dosed junkie body. What a thought. What a way to be real. And that’s the only way ima choose to live real.                                               Today I did not use today,I cryed I got mad I wanted to say fuck it,but I survived. I am more then a statistic, I’m to good to not treat myself precious this is an honest testimony. Hi I’m precious and I am a addict in recovery day 8. Please give me the strength.


About lyfeisprecious

I love this life and all that surrounds me.
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