i ran into a girl i once used to know,a little girly with a crush telling me shes now grown,stairing right back at me saying i aint changed i look a little older a little in the face she asked me questions bout my life so i told her nothings changed she said i see somethings never do i guess the difference is our age..hold up wait,let me explain she told me dont worry bout it she turned to walk away,and so i grabbed her as if i was fighting for my case i said before you get it twisted let me clear whats on your brain. And thats me just hold it,shit I never told no man so I said it once and asked her not to judge me after it she said fine i said cool,but I know its on her mine bet the moment that I left she called up all the friends she got and tells them not to tell no one but i just ran in to a friend used to have a crush on but after seeing them were cool as friends better long distance not really feeling it cant believe the shit she did when she moved up to Washington. Wearing hoodys in the sun just to cover what is under it marks up on her arms skin an bone the sexys gone and when ..we finally hugs it was like hugging on a poggo stick.sick

She said she used to fuckin love me why I do this to myself why I make myself all ugly why i dont give a shit about the people all around me why i get lost everytime i leave my house but shes glad she finally found me you got facebook. so i said the names still the same if you cared youd have looked me up but i guess somepeople slip ur brain.

ahh shes told me she used to love me hella crush on me all she wanted was some kisses an hugs from me but i was to buisy to old to care she was just a kid and i was never square and i told she was tripping that she was just ubsest she said yeah maybe so but ida treated you better then the rest but im grown now i see youll never change so we can keep in touch via email or myspace,id invite you to myplace but i see your in your mind i can tell by your sad face so im out. and just like that she walked away yeah im still fucking up but till now it was never this embarressing..the look apon her face like shes better then me now like im just a fuckin disgrace..good keep walkin i dont care ill make it some day and when your done hating walkin on back myway.

sad seeing you


About lyfeisprecious

I love this life and all that surrounds me.
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